Man holding up brown trout

Erne Trout on the Rocks

As it has been a long winter with everything that has been going on it is always great to see the month of March and the beginning of the brown trout season for most of us. With more flies tied during these lockdown months than I could fish in a lifetime, the itch to get on the water needed to be scratched! Having reviewed the weather forecasts for the forthcoming days a trip to Lower Lough Erne was set. The weather...

Man holding Pike Catch

Fishing Season Opening Weekend on Llyn Trawsfynydd

On March 12th I get a phone call: "Drakeford's lifted restrictions on local outdoor activities, Traws will be open next weekend!", it's my good mate Llion Jones; a new angler who I've been teaching to Fly Fish for little over a year and someone who has quickly exceeded my addiction to the craft!  Llyn Trawsfynydd ('Traws' as many of us refer to it), is a 1,180 acre lake in Gwynedd, North Wales. Normally its banks would have welcomed trout and...

Fly Fishing Line Choice – Thoughts from a World Champion

As a request by many, after our last video where former Fly Fishing World Champion shared his best teams of flies and thoughts behind using them, Rusell Owen is back to discuss more in-depth behind his choosing of fly fishing lines and how he uses them. Feel free to let us know in the comments what topics you would like us to explore and discuss in future videos. These lines are available at

Jim Crawford with a cracking small still water rainbow trout

Jim Crawford Picks His Top Patterns From 2020 Season

One of the huge benefits of being involved with The Fly Shop is not just being able to help give fellow fly fishermen new ammo to target fish, I also get to fish with the patterns of the other guys in the design team. Russ and Gazza, Arden, Alec and Wayne all have contributed some totally awesome flies that are always developing with new materials and ideas. You have the benefit of all these patterns being tried and tested before being...

Head ranger Gazza Dixon at Llyn Clywedog

Llyn Clywedog Top Ten flies By Gazza Dixon

Head ranger and top competition fly fisher Gazza Dixon picks his top ten must have flies for Llyn Clywedog The first two flies on Gazza list are the black and gold humongous and the green eyed black and gold humongous. For anybody that has fished with Gazza on Llyn Clywedog you will have seen how deadly these two flies are for him. Both flies fished ten feet apart on lines from Di 3 down to the booby basher. Best fished...

Wayne Jones shows his fly fishing box with lines in

Top 10 must have fly lines for competitive loch style fly fishing

Since launching the fly shop and guiding one question I get asked a lot is why so many lines and what would you class as essential. The first is a floating line this is a must have. I use the Loop Opti still water in a WF7. This line is mainly used for dry fly or bung fishing. It loads the rod very fast and is great for covering moving fish fast. It also turns the bung and flies over...

Arden Pollock with a cracking rainbow trout caught from a small water

Arden Pollock Top 10 winter Stillwater flies

Love it or hate it, bung fishing can be a very productive method on the small Stillwater’s, particularly in the colder months of winter. A small weighted fly fished 4-6ft below the indicator can be devastating when no other methods are working. Once you work out the depth the fish are feeding at you can present your fly completing static in the zone. These are my favourite flies for beneath the bung. Select optionsQuick View Alec Bowler, Worms Lime Hot Head Squirmy 0...

Top dry flies for llyn brenig and the Loop 7 x fly rod

Dry Fly Fishing Top Tips At Llyn Brenig

Llyn Brenig reservoir is located in Wales, in the heart of the Denbigh Moors, at a height of 1200 feet. Construction began in 1973 and was completed in 1976. It has a capacity of 60 million m³ and was first filled in 1979. With a surface area of around 920 acres, it is the fourth largest lake in Wales and has a perimeter of some 9 miles. Llyn Brenig Lake is now recognised as one of the best fisheries...

Scierra Pairs Final Rutland 2020

So, the dust is settling on the 2020 Scierra pairs final. Originally planned to be fished on Llyn Brenig in North Wales but like so many things this year Covid changed all that and Welsh Water pulled the plug on the event at the eleventh hour. This left organiser Phil Dixon with an extremely difficult task of finding a new venue at short notice in these very difficult times, credit to Phil, Andy Ainscough and his team at Rutland...

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