Change Take Silver at The Fly Shop Invitational

This morning I woke up and realised it wasn’t 5 am and Wullie & Scotty weren’t churning out flies at their vices. There was no laughing or practical jokes and Kevin’s coffee machine wasn’t churning out Latte’s. Our annual trip to Llyn Clywedog was well and truly over . We all arrived last Tuesday night, buzzing with excitement. All reports and info had been gathered and we couldn’t wait to hit the lake first thing Wednesday morning. The lake itself...

Man holding up brown trout

Erne Trout on the Rocks

As it has been a long winter with everything that has been going on it is always great to see the month of March and the beginning of the brown trout season for most of us. With more flies tied during these lockdown months than I could fish in a lifetime, the itch to get on the water needed to be scratched! Having reviewed the weather forecasts for the forthcoming days a trip to Lower Lough Erne was set. The weather...

John Hardy grafham water

Angling Trust Loch Style Match Grafham report by John Hardy

When the Autumn match series first came out with the idea of fishing a series of matches over the Autumn and Winter that culminated with a Spring final, the Renegades and I were all over it. With the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, there has been little lock style competition, add to that the simple fact of global warming and the need to move to the cooler times of the year for our chosen quarry, I thought “total winner”. Sadly,...

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