Arden Pollock Top 10 winter Stillwater flies

Arden Pollock with a cracking rainbow trout caught from a small water

Arden Pollock Top 10 winter Stillwater flies

Love it or hate it, bung fishing can be a very productive method on the small Stillwater’s, particularly in the colder months of winter. A small weighted fly fished 4-6ft below the indicator can be devastating when no other methods are working. Once you work out the depth the fish are feeding at you can present your fly completing static in the zone. These are my favourite flies for beneath the bung.

Another method I find successful is twiddling lures on an Airflo Fast Glass or Airflo DI3. I would usually fish 2 flies approximately 10ft apart on a slow figure of eight with the occasional quick pull to help entice a take. My go to lures during the winter months are

Orange hot head cat bug working well on rainbow trout

Sometimes when the lures are not working and there is a little heat in the middle of the day during the winter the fish can turn to feeding on buzzers…usually black and small at this time of year. In most cases I have 2 rods set up with the second rod catering for more imitative patterns. These patterns can be fished straight or washing line style.

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