First Trip Of The Season To Llyn Trawsfynydd

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First Trip Of The Season To Llyn Trawsfynydd

First Trip of the season to Llyn Trawsfynydd

Having grown up fishing Llyn Trawsfynydd as a child and fishing my first youth and senior internationals here it holds a very special place for me. Set in the beautiful Snowdonia national park with amazing mountain views, the lake is fairly shallow averaging 12 feet and has great features islands, massive rocks and stone walls. I was fishing and guiding Kevin Last and it was his first-time fishing from the boat on Llyn Trawsfynydd. It was my first visit this season and I had been hearing great things on how well it was fishing. After a quick chat the night before with Stephen Roberts I had a good idea on starting points. On arrival conditions looked perfect, overcast, a gentle ripple and fish rising in home bay, things looked very promising. Everything was set up very well following the guidelines for social distancing and after a good chat with Malcom it was time to head to the boat. We loaded up and headed out towards the dam. I have never seen the lake so high and it is important to know where the rocks and sunk islands are.

We arrived at the dam with near flat calm conditions, there was a serious amount of water going over the damand the streams were flowing into the lake in full flow but the water was crystal clear.

My set up for the day was the Loop 10 foot 7 wt 7X matched with the Loop Opti Hover Line and Seguar Soft plus Leader in 10.4lb. I had advised Kevin to start on a slow intermediate and use a Coral Booby with Yellow Eyes on the point and a Black UV Jungle Cock Cormorant on the dropper. I had set up the same flies but put a 3-fly cast on using a Jungle Cock Red Holographic Black Straggle UV Cormorant on the top dropper.

There were fish rising everywhere, fins and tails breaking the surface as the fish cruised round sipping the hatching buzzers. Kevin covered a fish on his 3rd cast a couple of fast pulls and the fish turned and charged at the booby engulfing the fly. This fish displayed that amazing blue shine through the water and put an incredible fight up. After a great fight I netted a gorgeous 2-pound blue trout for Kevin. These fish fight extremely hard for there size. The fishing was just fantastic with free rising fish willing to chase the booby and take the cormorants, some even coming two at a time. A real mix of wild browns, blues and rainbows, every little bay around the dam had a good amount of fish rising.

With Kevin never having fished the lake from a boat I was keen to show him round it’s always hard leaving taking fish to go for a look elsewhere. We decided to work our way down towards Greggory’s rock which is a huge rock with a few smaller rocks that often hold fish. I manged one here that was a really old fully tailed fish. The fishing here was slow but anything would feel slow after the morning we had just experienced at the dam. We worked our way down to the pins. There were a few fish rising tight to the wall but they where proving very fuzzy. Kevin hooked a good fish on the Black UV Corm which gave a great fight and when it finally surfaced, we were met with a lovely wild brown around the 2 and half pound mark.

We had experienced a few rain showers during the day but by the time we had worked our way down to the old boat house the conditions were perfect, a gentle ripple, overcast skies and small buzzer hatching with fish rising tight to the bushes. I positioned the boat close to the bushes so Kevin could target the rising fish. He hooked a great looking rainbow and after a good fight I netted an old beautifully marked rainbow trout that would not look out of place in an American river.

We decided to have a complete change and head over to pig bay and Ty’n Twll. Kevin had mentioned when booking that he was interested in catching Pike so I switched to the Pike setup to see if I could steer a big one and show Kevin how to setup and fish for pike. The setup I used is the Loop Q rod 9 foot 9 wt with the Loop Marauder predator line. Kevin continued to catch Rainbows here with the size of the fish was noticeably bigger, averaging around the 3 pound plus mark. I was getting lots of follows and takes but not from Pike, the hungry trout seemed very interested in my pike flies.

We moved to the entrance of Ty’n Twll and straight away I was hooked into a good fish.  At first, I thought it was a pike but after it jumped, I knew I had hooked a good rainbow. After a great fight even on the 9 wt rod I netted a rainbow of 4 pound plus.

Just I was getting myself sorted, Kevin hooked a super charged trout on the Cormorant that took right next to the boat but then cartwheeled off at a rapid rate of knots. The fish switched direction and headed behind the boat showing some amazing blue colours through the water. After a great solid battle, I netted a pure bar of silver for Kevin. What a fish with silver rays going through the tail just perfect in every way.

I wanted to show Kevin one of my favourite spots, Badger Rock. I love it here with big sunk trees in the water and rocks coming into the lake. As soon as we stopped Kevin was into fish, they were rising all-round the boat. I carried on fishing with the Pike setup and brought a monster up to the boat but unfortunately did not hook it. I manged a cracking brown and a few more rainbows on the pike flies while Kevin continued to catch on the same setup.

As our day was drawing to a close, to finish off we headed to home bay. I had started to tackle down now but there was still plenty of fish rising. Kevin manged to hook one but it came off.

What a truly fantastic day we had both experienced. Top quality fish spread all over the lake all in the top foot of water Kevin had manged to land over 20 fish on his first boat fishing trip on Llyn Trawsfynydd.

Llyn Trawsfynydd is run by PRYSOR Angling Club who do a great job.

If you are looking for a day out on a truly unique water set in Snowdonia National Park then this is the lake for you.

If you are interested in a day on this superb water but are looking for some guidance, we offer Guided sessions to suit all abilities and can provide everything you would need for the day. Please email us on for availability.

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