Llyn Clywedog Top Ten flies By Gazza Dixon

Head ranger Gazza Dixon at Llyn Clywedog

Llyn Clywedog Top Ten flies By Gazza Dixon

Head ranger and top competition fly fisher Gazza Dixon picks his top ten must have flies for Llyn Clywedog

The first two flies on Gazza list are the black and gold humongous and the green eyed black and gold humongous. For anybody that has fished with Gazza on Llyn Clywedog you will have seen how deadly these two flies are for him. Both flies fished ten feet apart on lines from Di 3 down to the booby basher. Best fished with a jerky retrieve to get the lures to dance.

This next fly was his top fab last season on Llyn Clywedog helping him  take second individual spot in the Llyn Clywedog league.

The next two flies are Gazza’s go to middle droppers. The first one is Russ green head cormorant.  This works really well on the middle dropper this pattern works well on resident and stocked fish. The next cormorant is a very similar but with a red glow bright head. This again is a great middle dropper and seems to pick out the bigger fish.

Gareth Dixon playing a Llyn Clywedog rainbow trout

Last season saw a real change to his normal boobies. The FNF Jelly fire Pink and Fire coral Booby worked extremely well for him particularly when fished deep this booby was also very successful for a number of people fishing the lake last year. This next booby is a twist on the candy booby but with pink eyes fished in 10 and 12 this was his top booby when fishing tip lines and fishing slow.

No top ten for Llyn Clywedog would be complete without dry flies. This was the hardest choice for Gazza. The first one had to be the Gazza special. This is still The Fly Shops best selling fly to date. This has worked on every lake it has been fished we have had such good feed back on this fly. This worked really last season. On hard days dropping to a size 14 made all the defence for Gazza. The Brown UV hog daddy was just unbelievable last season at Llyn Clywedog and all other lakes it was used. We really struggled to keep this in stock. A great top dropper when fishing a cast of 3 flies. The takes can very aggressive with this fly so be careful on the strike. The last fly in Gazza’s top ten is the simple black flat back hopper. This simple dull fly accounts for so many fish feeding on the top. A great top dropper or point fly but in a size 14 makes a perfect middle dropper. One of those patterns that just works and represents so many different insects on the surface.

Finger crossed things improve and we are welcoming you back to Llyn Clywedog soon.

Tight lines Gazza.

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