Gareth Dixon Picks His Top Ten Deadly Stillwater Trout Flies

Gazza big fish

Gareth Dixon Picks His Top Ten Deadly Stillwater Trout Flies

Gazza Dixon is a former Brown bowl Champion multi caped Welsh international fly fisher and part of the hugely successful Welsh Hawks Fly Fishing team. He is also the head ranger at the Amazing Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery and lives and breaths fishing. He is not only a very talented fly fisher but a great fly tyer and innovator he is always  working on the next top pattern.

Black and Gold Humongous

If I could only fish one fly this would be it. You can fish this on all lines but I like fishing it on sinking lines best with a slow retrieve. This fly has also caught a lot of big fish for me.

Gazza Special

I designed this for Clywedog and Brenig but since proven very good everywhere it has been tried. It also now has a great following and has been the number one best seller.

Gazza Special Hares Ear Shuttlecock

This is a variant of the original and is a great change pattern works very well in a flat calm.

Gazzaz Orange Stabilized Daddy

I designed this for Rutland as the Foam daddy I was using would spin. The deer hair wings help the fly not to spin when pulled back. It is also very good for fishing as a dry fly and gives a great profile and sits low in the surface film.

Black and Gold Humongous Booby

This booby has been very good for me at Clywedog and has caught some really big fish it is also particular good for Browns. It works really well at Rutland I have caught some really big browns on it at the top of both arms.

Black eyed Abortion Sparkler Booby

This fly has helped me win the OES Clywedog league 2 years running it has caught me hundreds of fish and works on every lake I have ever fished.

Sunburst Pulse Fab

I first tried this at Grafham water after being given a sample to try from Celtic blob company. It was unbelievable how well it worked pulling fish in all day. It helped the Welsh Lady’s win Gold on Clywedog. It is a great pulling fly.

Biscuit Fab

This plain fab helped the Welsh Hawks win Gold at Rutland at the AW final. It works really well when the fish have seen everything.

Black Flashback Red Rib Wire Back Diawl Bach (DB)

This Black DB is my number 1 nymph with a little bit of flash in the red rib and JC checks it has it all.

Claret Bobs Bits

Simple dry that I like to fish as the middle dropper it works really well sometimes floats sometimes sinks the fish seem to just pick it out.

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