Some Gold after Lockdown

brown trout catch and relase scaled

Some Gold after Lockdown

Some Gold after Lockdown

So eventually we were given the green light to venture out of the house for angling activities after our mandatory lockdown. In fairness that last 8 weeks actually went surprisingly quick considering I hadn’t lifted a rod. Must have been all those household chores I was never able to complete!

Keeping it local, my first visit was to my local river which runs pass my house about 2 fields away. The conditions were good, nice and mild with a bit of cloud cover. On arriving at the river, it was apparent that we need some rain…and plenty of it. I sat down at the river’s edge and began to tie up my cast keeping a watchful eye on the small run in front me for any surface activity. I set up two rods, first was my 8ft6in 4 weight with 9ft tapered leader and 3ft of 6x tippet. Next was my 9ft6in 2 weight with long tapered leader with bi colour indicator and 6ft of 5x tippet. During the lockdown, the number of fly-tying videos and flies I tied is ridiculous and now the dilemma was which one will I try first!

I started off with a small with a size 19 CDC olive single dry and was awarded very quickly a nice wild brownie that leapt all around the pool like and jack in the box! So, a great start and things were looking good. I continued fan casting up through the stream lifting half a dozen trout all to the dry (and missing a few more!) At the top of the stream were the current was a little choppy for my small dry I thought I would opt for trying the nymphs. With the trout happily engulfing the olives, it was only right that I stuck on a couple of olive bugs. A scruffy olive 3mm tungsten jig on the point and a 2.5mm perigone style olive nymph on the dropper. Bang! The take was instant. And bigger fatter trout too! The 2 weight was in its element bending like a sally bush between the trees and underwater snags!

Working my way up through the pools picking up trout on both methods I reached a long deep flat stretch of water with low over hanging branches on the opposite side. I really enjoy this type of fishing especially when you see the sippers beneath the trees thinking that they are safe from predators…and unfortunately most are! But there was one area that could be accessed with a tight low loop cast. I switched my olive to a small size 20 midge emerger that I copied from Steffan Jones on YouTube during my lockdown, what a great looking little fly. I started covering fish that were easier targets and the response was surprisingly impressive. Every fish that was sipping came and made an offer on my fly with a right few coming to the net. But there was one fish sipping beneath the tree on the opposite side on the crease line which I was certainly interested in. I would only have a couple of false casts and the aim was to get the fly right on the crease and then to prevent any drag as the current out from the far bank was moving quicker than the fish were laying. A few casts later with a couple of them bouncing off the leaves, the fly was sitting cocked perfect and beginning to drift into the zone. I mended the line and held my rod out as far as I could and began to watch it float down. Sip….splash and he’s on! What a perfect take and a fight to match. On these local rivers when you get a trout pulling line off your light tackle you know you have achieved your goal. After a hearty fight the fish was in the net.

In my eyes these moments with nature and enticing a wild brown trout to take something that you created makes it special.

I hope you all get some special moments when you are back on the river or lake.

Tight lines and stay safe, Arden.


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