Jim Crawford Chasing Bars Of Silver at Grafham Water

jim crawford playing a fish

Jim Crawford Chasing Bars Of Silver at Grafham Water

So, after being in lockdown for a few months and with the posts on Facebook it was awesome to get the chance to get a few days on the midland’s reservoirs.We planned a day on Grafham then a three-day package on Rutland.

Having friends who are never off these places like, Tim Joyce is a full timer on Grafham and young Graham Hayward on Rutland it’s easy to pick up the where what and how to catch from these guys and on pleasure trips you want to chase proper mended fish on dries which was the plan. For me I set up my Airflo V2 9-6”.  5# with a WF5 Supaflo floater with 7.6lb Airflo sightfree supple

My cast was an orange The fly shop Daddy with fiery brown cripple on the middle and red crippled midge on top dropper.Tim had said there was some proper lumps in savages, stumps and in Gaynes.Also, all the points on the far shore were worth a drift with a fab and hares ear patterns.Thankfully we didn’t need to try any points as the sport just didn’t stop on dries.

Cracking fish after fish bars of silver with full blooms in the tails followed.

It didn’t matter where we went on the day as long as we stayed in the areas Tim had mentioned we caught and made chances all day. Fantastic buddy I owe you a beer.

Tight Lines

Jim Crawford

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