Jim Crawford Picks His Top Patterns From 2020 Season

Jim Crawford with a cracking small still water rainbow trout

Jim Crawford Picks His Top Patterns From 2020 Season

One of the huge benefits of being involved with The Fly Shop is not just being able to help give fellow fly fishermen new ammo to target fish, I also get to fish with the patterns of the other guys in the design team.

Russ and Gazza, Arden, Alec and Wayne all have contributed some totally awesome flies that are always developing with new materials and ideas.

You have the benefit of all these patterns being tried and tested before being put in the Fly Shop catalogue.

Like most of you my fly-fishing trips suffered badly this year due to the ongoing pandemic,

but the trips I did manage to get out on I found myself spending more time with the others guys flies.

My top ten flies this year were all really chosen over my trips to Rutland, Grafham, Menteith and an amazing week on Clywedog.

Here’s my top 10 patterns from this year.

jim crawford playing a fish
  1. Amber Flash pulling hopper

Now this has become my top dropper with lines from my Airflo Supa flo floater to my Airflo 12ft fast tip

With a fast figure 8 to a long steady pull and not forgetting the hang.

Especially good when the fish go off the flashy stuff.

  1. Black nemesis

Massively stood out at Clywedog.

From an Airflo booby basher to a 3ft fast tip a constant fish catcher away from the shoals of stock fish.

  1. Al Hayward’s Gold top buzzer

My top buzzer this year on my week to Rutland. You can actually see the glint from the gold deep in clear water, continually caught with this fly straight lining with a 6ft fast tip.

  1. Black disco elevator Booby

My number one Booby on Menteith this year. Traditional loch style with a Hi-D with an 8ft leader. There were some stunning fish around this year when fishing did get going on the lake and this definitely caught its share.

  1. Biscuit Fab

As close to the original Alistair Keir original as I have found for trade sale.

Never lets you down excellent for a swim with a six-foot fast tip or try two on an Airflo 12 ft fast tip.

  1. Black UV detached foam Daddy

I’m a huge fan of the orange and brown daddy long leg patterns and this has been another fantastic addition to them.

Whether on a floater or a tip line, a real stand out fly for me this year.

  1. Black foam beetle

My biggest surprise fly of the year. I used two of these on a floater with two vicar buzzers in between and had some fantastic sport on Grafham last year. Again, going away from the flashy bright flies and just keeping up with these out the front of a drifting boat. Very aggressive takes with these.

  1. Gazza Special

My new number one shuttlecock pattern. Whether you scale down to chase individual feeding fish or with a team in slicks you won’t find a better fly pattern like this commercially sold. First choice pattern for me now

  1. Pink eyed straggle candy

Ultimate stockie bashing Booby. Washing line or on the bottom with a booby basher. Not sure whether it’s the colour rising up or when the natural daylight reaches the fly coming up but this is one for you guys that can Feel the Force!!! (William leach)

  1. Russell Owen isn’t somebody that needs any introduction and this year I’ve learned so much using his selection of “Bits” emerger flies and the methods the Hawks use to make these flies so successful so I’m not going to pick just one colour, for me I’d say a selection of them all is essential for any competition angler.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my top flies for last season.

Fingers crossed we all manage out more this year and chase that one more elusive trout.

Until then please stay safe and look after yourselves.


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