Gazza Dixon Takes To Llyn Clywedog For A Day Fishing Drys

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Gazza Dixon Takes To Llyn Clywedog For A Day Fishing Drys

Since lock down has been lifted, I have hardly had chance to get out fishing myself as I have been so focused on ensuring the safe running of Llyn Clywedog. I had been really looking forward to a day out to relax. My plan was mainly to fish dry fly’s for the day with a bit of bung fishing around the cage to see if I could get one of the monsters I see on an almost daily basis. I also had some new bits to try which is always great. Wayne Jones had sent me down the new Loop 7X 10 ft 7 wt matched with the loop Opti Rapid and Loop Opti Still water floater in a 7 wt. This is a great looking rod, very different with having a 7 sided blank rather than a round blank. Straight away you could feel the power in the rod but what was really nice was just how light the whole outfit was. 

After the normal banter I was keen to get out fishing. The weather was perfect, light winds and a slight bit of drizzle. I had set up with a 3 fly cast using Airflo Sight free G3 in 6lb. On the point I had tied on a Green Butt Quill Shuttlecock, on the middle a black cripple midge and the top dropper an orange deer hair daddy. When fishing with dries in low light conditions it can be very hard to see your flies with the wrong glasses so having the right pair is really important and makes a massive difference. I have been after a new set for some time and these yellow lensed ones from Loop were just the job. The wind was blowing from the sailing club towards the cages so I set the drift by the large white buoy, there was no need for a drogue. There was the odd fish moving but not as many as I expected. It did not take long for some interest, a fish boiled at the daddy a little twitch and a pull to work the flies and the first fish was hooked on the shuttle cock. Working here every day, people had been telling me how hard the fish have been pulling but even I was surprised just how hard this fish was fighting. It was a pristine fish around the 2 and quarter mark. I was getting lots of interest and stirring the fish up but they had to be worked onto the flies by giving them some movement. After putting a few good quality conditioned fish in the net, mainly on the shuttle cock it was time for a move. There had been lots of reports about Dinas Point fishing well all the way down toward Bwlch Y Gle so I headed there. It was a lot calmer and fish were rising well here and, on the feed, now this is what I love. It did not take long until the first was hooked this time on the middle dropper the Black Cripple Midge. This was a cracking fish 4lb + and gave a great fight.

After the first drift I decided to change the flies. I put a Brown Hogg Daddy on the point, a new black and red Midas pattern I am working on in the middle and a Orange  Deer Hair Daddy on the top dropper. So back up for a re drift fishing the angle to the bank and scanning for rising fish, I spotted a sipper. Covering the fish fast and accurately it slowly broke the surface, did a lovely head tail over the middle dropper and it was hooked. This was definitely a brownie, I could tell by the dogged fight and it felt like a good one. For a powerful fast action rod the 7X was bending right through and cushioning the head thumps well. After a good fight I netted a great looking Brown in perfect condition. The fishing was frantic with nearly every cast having interest. If this had been a comp I would have stayed here all day and carried on doing these long drifts. I had seen good numbers of fish rising the day before when out on patrol around popys hole and really fancied trying there. I started the drift right at the limit of fishing. It seemed very quiet with very little surface activity. Then out of the blue 2 fish came over my top dropper and point flu lucky for me the point fly fish came off and I was left to play the fish on the top dropper. This was a real old fish with a shovel for a tail. The fishing was steady all the way to the dam wall, nothing crazy but a good head of older fish.

With time pushing on I wanted to try some new patterns under the bung at the cage. I have tied some smaller black humongous flies that work really well under the bung or for wild browns on the wild lakes. I also wanted to see if the Opti still water would perform as good for bung fishing as it did for dry fly fishing. I set my point fly at about 12 feet with the other flies spaced evenly apart. Starting at the top off the cages it did not take long for the bung to slide away the fish had taken the blob on the top dropper. I manged another couple of fish before getting to buoy line. The bung dipped and just stayed there for a moment, then a firm strike was meet with a heavy weight – this was the fish I had been after. The fish was making a run for the cages. I was using Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon in 13.7lb. With complete confidence in this leader I was able to put maximum pressure on the fish and I managed to stop it. Then the fish turned and bolted for open water, unfortunately my dropper got taken by another fish and both parted companies. The fish jumped and was easily a mid double, I was gutted but you win some you lose some. New leader time I set back with the same flies and very next cast I hooked a good blue on the top dropper blob. These fish fight extremely well and run very fast they look electric blue in water but once out of the water they look like a bar of silver. 

Enough fun on the bung now back on the dries. This time I went for the Orange Daddy on the top dropper, a Cow Dung in the middle and a Brown Hogg Daddy on the point. There was still not many fish rising around the cages but the fishing was just amazing with a ready supply of fish willing to take the dry flies even in the bright sun. I decided to drift all the way from the cages towards eblid for the last long drift. This last drift was amazing with fish rising in pods. Accurate casting targeting these moving was key. The Cow dung accounted for a lot of fish through here.

After a great day it was time to head back in as even on my days off, I still like to see how everything has gone. There is no better feeling than seeing and listening to how much people have enjoyed their day. The dry fly fishing is on fire at the moment the best I have seen.

We are so happy to be back open and over the last few weeks we have worked extremely hard to make sure everybody has a safe environment when coming to lake and will continue to do this.

I look forward to seeing all of you that have not been able to travel over the border yet very soon.


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Gazza Dixon

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